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As Denver’s first Vietnamese coffee shop, Tí Cafe aims to spread Vietnamese culture with a menu enriched with flavors influenced by the three sisters’ roots as Vietnamese Asian Americans. From fresh, authentic coffee brewed with traditional methods to a modern twist on nostalgic ingredients like lychee or pandan, they aim to break the barriers of convention and offer an experience that serves as a starting point for conversation, enabling discussion, promoting community, and offering a space for expression and creativity, all within the warm comfort of good company, quality drinks.

Drinks: Vietnamese coffee

AFW Exclusive Menu:

Thai Tea with Grass Jelly and Black Sesame Whip

Cafe Muoi with Grass Jelly and Salt Cream

Ube Red Bean Sesame Balls (Limited Quantity Per Day)

Dietary Options: vegetarian, gluten-free

Address: 30 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

Phone: 720-940-6663


Social: on Instagram

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