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Lucky Noodle serves Thai street food. We only use the best fresh ingredients, and we handpick everything. Food tantalizes all of our senses and can hold some wonderful memories. Food is connected to our culture and family; food makes us feel closer to home and brings us joy.

Cuisine: Thai 

AFW Secret Menu Items:

- kho soy (egg noodles in yellow curry, mustard pickle, Shallot chili oil, and lime) available with grilled chicken or veg tofu (gluten-free)


- tom yum noodles soup with ground pork (rice noodles in sweet, sour, and spicy in pork bones and vegetable broth, sprouts, green onion, white pepper cilantro, and magic sauce (pepper vinegar) also available veg tofu (gluten-free)


- kra pao with grilled chicken (grilled chicken, basil, green beans, bell pepper, fresh garlic, and Thai chili served with jasmine rice. (can be gluten-free) 

Dietary options: vegetarian, gluten-free

Address: 1201 E Colfax Ave # 102, Denver, CO 80218 

Phone: 720-917-1000


Social: @luckynoodlesdenver on Instagram

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