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sắp sửa is a forthcoming Vietnamese restaurant helmed by Chefs Anna and Ni Nguyen, set to open in Denver’s City Park neighborhood in spring 2023. 

sắp sửa will be serving non-traditional Vietnamese food inspired by Ni’s childhood.

Type of Cuisine: Vietnamese


Featured for AFW:

“bánh mì patê” chicken liver toast, Maggi aioli, pickles $10


“khoai mì sữa dừa” fried cassava root, coconut caramel, sesame $10


“gỏi bắp cải” napa cabbage, cilantro salsa verde, chili, peanuts, anchovy $14


“thịt heo nướng sả” pork shoulder steak, lemongrass, salsa negra, cucumber, epazote $35


“chè sương sáo” grass jelly, coconut crème, guava granita $13


Each dish is inspired by a traditional Vietnamese dish, but incorporates flavors that celebrate Lucina's menu. All proceeds from our five dishes will go to Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate, founded by Chef Kevin Tien and Tim Ma.

Address: Popping up at Lucina on 2/22 only, located at 2245 Kearney St #101, Denver, CO, 80207.


Social: @sapsuarestaurant on Instagram

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