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Barbecue is the focal point at Shin Myung Gwan: Tabletop grills cook up short ribs, bulgogi, pork neck, and cow’s tongue. Combo sets let you sample various offerings; as a bonus, they come with a stone bowl of spicy kimchi stew, a veggie pancake, and a free bottle of beer. Spend some time perusing the hot pots that adorn most tables; we’re fans of the octopus and bulgogi, built on a light, clear, and profoundly savory broth seasoned with green onions. You also won’t want to miss the peppery and slightly sweet stir-fried rice cake, which you might also know as tteok-bokki. The version here, supplemented by thin slices of fish cake, is spicier than other renditions in the neighborhood, and it comes floating with a brick of ramen noodles, which melts into the broth as it bubbles.

Cuisine: Korean

Featured for AFW: Mention “Mile High Asian Food Week” from 2/22-2/26 and get a fried dumplings appetizer for FREE

Address: 2680 S Havana St Ste B, Aurora, CO 80014

Phone: 303-751-7787

Social: @shinmyunggwan on Instagram

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